About the AWA


The objectives of the association are as follows:
a. To foster windsurfing in the Auckland region in all its various forms through education, competition and social activities.
b. To develop facilities for attaining the objectives of the Association.
c. To encourage the interaction between windsurfing enthusiasts.
d. To make representations to Government Departments and Regional Bodies in order to establish, sustain and enhance windsurfing venues and events.
e. To liaise, and act in conjunction, with national and regional bodies associated with our sport.

The AWA is a non-profit organisation that relies on membership fees, sponsorship and volunteers to operate. Contact the AWA if you are able to assist with any of these.

Sail numbers are required for national racing events. Its also useful for identifying your windsurfing gear. To get a sail number you must be a member of Windsurfing NZ or an affiliated club i.e. the AWA. A sail number may not be required for some non-racing national events (i.e. wave, freestyle) but membership of WNZ would still be mandatory. Contact your AWA to find out how to obtain your sail number.

AWA members also receive 10% discount with board repairs from Bruce Nicholson (http://www.facebook.com/BigworldComposites),
or email: bigworldkiwi@gmail.com